Friday, May 1, 2009

I love great sales!

I went to Kroger this week to pick up a few things. I managed to remember my big binder of coupons and was so excited to see how much I got for $22!

Recently there was a 75 cents off of any Eggo product in the paper. I had six of these and Kroger had the waffles on sale for $1.59. I paid nine cents each for six boxes of waffles. My kids love, love, love their strawberry flavored ones. Looking through my coupons I found three $1.50 off Kraft dressing coupons that were about to expire and they were on sale for $1.69 so I paid .19 cents for each three bottles. Those nine items cost me a little over a dollar.

Here is a coupon tip:

I got those three $1.50 off Kraft dressing coupons at Meijer. They were on a dressing display they had in the center aisle. I always grab three or four of the coupons that I find on displays or attached to the shelf at the store now and save them because you never know where they will come in handy. There is a good chance that if you hold on to it for a bit you'll find an even better sale at another store to use them at.

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